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The search for Nightblade

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The search for Nightblade

Post  Saradamon on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:27 pm

I'll search throughout the day.
I'll search throughout the night.
I'll search for days and days and days,
Never give up the fight.

Nightblade is the goal i seek,
Uldaman i where i will go.
For if i search and search and search,
the blade is sure to show.

It may be with the shadowforge,
It may be in the stone.
I will search and search and search,
for it is a drop of the zone.

I know it will take a while,
i've known since i first fought.
A 1 in 3500 chance
really isn't a lot.

And even though i searched for hours,
i will search the day,
always searching, searching, searching,
searching for my blade.

yes, this is a WoW based poem

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