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My immagination

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My immagination

Post  Saradamon on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:26 pm

When i have died,
the work will see,
how much it was
that they needed me

My mind, my soul,
the imagination in me.
The world will know,
how much they need me

But at that time
it will be too late to see,
too late to know
how the would would be.

How the world would be
with me in command,
the fate of humanity
rests in my hand

My leadership and pride,
my creativity,
is what will lead the world,
should i still be

If i gain the power,
to lead as i feel right,
It will be those of chaos
that fall to my might

For if i were to lead,
and rule the new day,
there would be no more wars,
no more to die in the fray.

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