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King of Evil

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King of Evil

Post  Saradamon on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:25 pm

this was made for the same person as "The Fall of a King", though a good amount of time before... it was meant simply to get him to clear out his inbox, but it turned out surprisingly well...

Sound the trumpets,
bang the drums.
Watch out, for
The Evil King comes.

He's always ready
for the attack.
Those that oppose him
find a knife in their back.

As they say,
you can run.
But when it is over,
he'll have his fun.

His armies will crush you,
the blood will pour.
His fleets will bombard you,
as you flee to the shore.

When he has won,
he will smile and say:
"Come now soldiers,
let us conquer the new day!"

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